Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Mobile banking


Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. It uses software, usually called an app, provided by the financial institution for the purpose. Mobile banking is usually available on a 24-hour basis. Some financial institutions have restrictions on which accounts may be accessed through mobile banking, as well as a limit on the amount that can be transacted.

Transactions through mobile banking may include obtaining account balances and lists of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, and funds transfers between a customer's or another's accounts. Some apps also enable copies of statements to be downloaded and sometimes printed at the customer's premises; and some banks charge a fee for mailing hardcopies of bank statements.


From the bank's point of view, mobile banking reduces the cost of handling transactions by reducing the need for customers to visit a bank branch for non-cash withdrawal and deposit transactions. Mobile banking does not handle transactions involving cash, and a customer needs to visit an ATM or bank branch for cash withdrawals or deposits. Many apps now have a remote deposit option; using the device's camera to digitally transmit cheques to their financial institution.

Mobile banking differs from mobile payments, which involves the use of a mobile device to pay for goods or services either at the point of sale or remotely,[1] analogously to the use of a debit or credit card to effect an EFTPOS payment.

With Bank Mobile Banking discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your bank account, on your mobile phone.


Mobile Banking has the following advantages:

•             Convenient way to access your account

•             Safe and Secure Banking

•             Convenient way to pay bills (Telephone, electricity & other utilities)

•             Get exciting offers and discounts

•             Banking services without internet (SMS Banking & NUUP)

Mobile banking services work with almost all types of handsets and help you access your  Bank account anytime, anywhere.


A quick and easy registration is all you need to avail Bank Mobile Banking services. Get started with Mobile Banking. Register Now!


Wallet by Bank


Wallet by Bank is a unique ‘Digital Bank’. Its first offering is a wallet – a virtual place to store your money and use it for various transactions like mobile recharge, send money, send gifts, pay bills and many more. What’s more, the cool user app interface can be personalised as you like and it lets you transact in a snap. Furthermore, there is also an option of getting a zero balance savings account. and users get to try more than 100 services making it a must-have mobile banking app.


SMS Banking


You do not need a smart phone or a data plan activated on your mobile phone to avail our Mobile Banking services. Our SMS Banking services allow you to pay bills, recharge prepaid services and avail banking services by sending a simple SMS.

________________________________________ gives you the convenience of banking while on the move. Enjoy Internet banking services such as fund transfer, bill pay, prepaid mobile /DTH recharge, manage your account and avail mobile banking services anywhere and at anytime.


Mobile Money

Mobile Money is an account on your mobile phone where your mobile number itself is the account number. Mobile Money accounts are offered by  Bank in association with telecom network providers. Some mobile banking features that can be availed through Mobile Money account are Deposit Money, Prepaid Recharge, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Withdraw Cash, Pay Merchants.



Immediate Payment Service is an interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer service through mobile phones. Our IMPS service helps you access your Bank Account and transfer funds instantly.


Dial *99# (NUUP)

 Bank presents National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) - a simple and convenient way to access your account from mobile without internet connection or a smart phone. Using NUUP service, you can transfer funds and get access to your mobile banking details such as account balance and mini statement. Simply dial *99# from your mobile to access your account instantly. You will be required to enter an IFS code, please enter ICIC as IFS code



Services offered by Mobile Banking App

Mobile Banking App is  Bank's mobile banking application that lets you transfer funds, pay bills, book travel or movie tickets, recharge your prepaid mobile and DTH connection, locate an ATM and do a lot more while you are on the go.

Accounts & Deposits

Access all your  Bank relationships with one single touch, be it your Savings accounts, deposits, iWish Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards and PPF Accounts held with  Bank. View and download your statements, Open FD/RDs and iWish Deposits, contribute to your PPF and many other services.

Funds Transfer

Transfer funds to anyone, anywhere and anytime with the  Mobile Banking App. Now don't just transfer funds to bank accounts, transfer money to mobile phone contacts and get cardless cash withdrawal service as well. Click here to know more.


Just recharge your phone, DTH or your Data Connection directly from Mobile Banking App app itself.

Bill Payment

Pay your bills instantly now with Mobile Banking App. Choose from multiple registered billers to quick payment options.


Now book movie tickets directly from Mobile Banking App, the service is brought to you in association with BookMyShow.

Cards & Loans

View your Credit Card and loan accounts on Mobile Banking App.

Forex Services

Now you can place service request to avail Forex Services on  Bank Mobile Banking App app. Login to Mobile Banking App and place service request to buy Forex or Travel Card, reload your Travel Card and avail many more existing features.


*Necessary documents will be collected at the time of delivery of Forex.

Investments & Insurance

Now Link your insurance policies and manage your demat account from Mobile Banking App directly. Now you can conduct a host of services directly from the tab.


Now get all your mobile banking offers, right on your fingertips. Choose from and avail multiple offers available on Mobile Banking App and redeem them within the app.

Other Services

Mobile Banking App now comes with a host of services which can be availed directly from the app. You can now block a card, stop a cheque, track your deliverables, manage payees, link accounts, cancel instructions and do a lot more with Mobile Banking App.





Mobile Banking Services                               

Bank Account Services                                    


Funds Transfer  YES         YES         NA

Insta FT - IMPS  YES         YES         NA

Balance Enquiry YES         YES         YES

Cheque Book Request    YES         YES         YES

Last 5 Transactions          YES         NA          NA

Stop Cheque Request     YES         YES         YES

Cheque Status Enquiry   YES         YES         YES

Last 3 Transactions          NA          YES         YES

Open a Fixed Deposit      YES         NA          NA

Open Recurring Deposit YES         NA          NA



Credit Card Services                                        


Balance Details  YES         YES        

Last Payment Details       YES         YES        

Payment Due Date           YES         YES        

Check Reward Points      NA          YES        


Demat Account Services                               


Holding Statement           YES         YES        

Transaction Status           YES         YES        

Bill Enquiry          YES         YES        

ISIN Enquiry        YES         YES        

Total Holding Details       YES         NA         


Loan Account Services                                   


Provisional IT Certificate YES         YES        

Final IT Certificate             YES         YES        

Reset Letter        YES         YES        

Reschedule Letter             YES         YES        

Loan Agreement Copy    YES         YES        

Amortization Schedule   NA          YES        

Welcome Letter NA          YES        

Interest Certificate           NA          YES        

Outstanding Loan Amount            YES         NA         


Shopping Services                                           


Prepaid mobile recharge                YES         YES        

Movie Ticketing YES         NA         

Air Ticketing        YES         NA         

Shopping             YES         NA         

DTH Recharge    YES         NA         

Bus Ticketing      YES         NA         


Bill Pay Services                                


Bill Payment       YES         NA         

Bill Presentement             YES         NA         

Quick Pay            YES         NA         


Other Services                                  


Locate Us             YES         YES        

Show Payments Made    YES         NA         

Apply Now          YES         NA         

Service Request Tracker YES         YES        

Locate Bank @ Home Drop box  NA          YES        

Help       YES         NA         



Security with Mobile Banking App

Transacting with Mobile Banking App is completely safe and secure, ensured through a number of security measures. Every transaction on Mobile Banking App follows the same stringent measures as internet banking. No sensitive information is stored on your mobile handset.


Some of the security measures are:

Different Channel Registration

The mobile number registration is carried out at the branch and ATM. In addition to this, the payee and biller registration on a customer's account is done via Internet Banking. This way the security of mobile channel is upheld by allowing registration activities through different channels that have their own authentication mechanisms.


Technical Security

Level 1: Registration process


The mobile banking services are provided only to the customers who have specifically opted for the same and registered as described above.

Level 2: Activation process


Customer has to activate the Mobile Banking App client application using a second-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism. (Enter digits of Debit / Grid card number - these 3 digits are randomly generated at the time of activation). This ensures that only the rightful owner of the account who has the Debit card of  Bank can activate Mobile Banking App on his phone.


Please note: For Windows platform, users can activate by logging into Mobile Banking App using their Internet Banking User ID/ password. In case you need your User ID/password, click here.

Level 3: User-generated PIN or User ID/ Password


Customer is also required to create a 4-digit numeric PIN of his choice to log in. This acts as a verification mechanism to enter the application. The application gets locked in case of three incorrect PIN entries.

Level 4: Storage encryption


All data that is stored on the phone/client is encrypted using strong encryption standards thereby making it secure.

Level 5: Communication encryption


The data exchanged between client (i.e. Mobile Banking App) and server is encrypted using PKI. End-to-end 256 bit encryption fulfills the confidentiality, integrity and security requirements.

Additionally, all financial activity involving Fund Transfer are verified using the 2FA (Grid card/ Debit card number). Also, for every session between application and the server, a key is exchanged which expires when the session terminates.




What is Mobile Banking App?


Mobile Banking App is  Bank's Mobile Banking application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone. With Mobile Banking App you can check your balance, transfer funds, pay utility bills, recharge your mobile phone, DTH connection, broadband, book movie tickets and much more on the go.

Are there any charges for using Mobile Banking App service?


No,  Bank provides Mobile Banking App service at no cost. However Data/SMS usage charges may be applicable as per your service provider.

Get Mobile Banking App

How can I avail Mobile Banking App services?


 Bank savings account customers registered for mobile banking and GPRS enabled on their mobile device can avail Mobile Banking App services. If you have not yet registered your mobile number, kindly visit your nearest  Bank Branch or ATM to register.

How do I download Mobile Banking App application?


Customers using Android based OS devices need to download Mobile Banking App from Google Play Store.

Customers using iPhone devices need to download Mobile Banking App from App Store. 

Customers using Windows base devices need to download Mobile Banking App from Windows Phone Store.

Customers using Java enabled mobile phones can download through the following methods:

SMS Mobile Banking App to 5676766. You will receive an SMS with the URL. Click on the URL and download the application.

You can also visit from mobile browser and download Mobile Banking App application.

How do I activate Mobile Banking App application?


Once you have downloaded the application, you need to follow a simple 2-step activation process.

1.            Step 1: Select Activate Now to automatically verify your mobile number, incase of a dual SIM phone please ensure your registered mobile number as your primary SIM.

2.            Step 2: Post successful verification of mobile number, you need to select Login option from two options provided:

3.            1. Login PIN or 2. Internet Banking User ID and Password

Post successful login option creation, you need to relogin and after successful login, you will be asked for Grid Values on your debit card to ensure security.

Which Operating System (OS) version does Mobile Banking App support?


Mobile Banking App is compatible with any handset having

•             Android OS version 2.1 and above

•             iOS 8.0 and higher versions

•             Windows 8 and above

•             CDMA device users cannot avail Mobile Banking App services

Upgrade Mobile Banking App

I am an existing Mobile Banking App user, how will I upgrade to the  Mobile Banking App app?


You need to visit the Google Playstore / Apple App Store and upgrade the app.

The  upgrade is not available for Java and Windows Phones. You may continue using the existing app.

Do I need to uninstall the existing Mobile Banking App app to upgrade to  Mobile Banking App app?


No. The  app will upgrade itself.

Can I use existing login credentials to use  Mobile Banking App app?


No. You will have to reactivate the app and create a  Login PIN or use Net Banking User ID and password.

Which handsets are compatible for downloading  Mobile Banking App app?


The  Mobile Banking App is compatible with most Android devices running on Android 2.1 and above. The  Mobile Banking App app is coming soon on the IOS Platform for devices which are running on iOS 8 and above

Is the  Mobile Banking App app compatible on Nokia devices?


No. You may use your existing app.

 Services offered on the  Mobile Banking App

Why should I download  Mobile Banking App? What are the  features in the  Mobile Banking App?


Accounts & Deposits:

•             Linking of Accounts – Now users will be able to link their various accounts / relationships by using Account Linkage feature.

•             Passbook – Users will be able to get access to their account statement by using Passbook feature incorporated within the  Mobile Banking App.

•             E-mail Statement with Export to PDF – Now users will get an option to send statement on their e-mail ID as well as export it to PDF.

Funds Transfer:

•             RTGS - Users can transfer funds through RTGS now.

•             Pay To Contacts - By using this feature now users can transfer funds to their contacts or any other mobile number just by entering payee's mobile number / e-mail ID.

•             Cardless Cash - Users can use Cardless Cash services through  Mobile Banking App wherein users can transfer funds to Beneficiary, even though Beneficiary does not have any Bank Account.

•             Schedule Transaction - Now users can schedule their transactions through  Mobile Banking App channel.

Bill Payment:

•             Registration of  biller – Register a biller for bill Payment

•             Set A Reminder – Providing a feature to Set up a Reminder for any Bill Payment transaction.


•             Card Blocking –  Mobile Banking App provides blocking of debit card / credit card feature to users for handling emergency situation.

•             Users can track their deliverables by using Track Your Deliverables services available in  Mobile Banking App.

•             Users can View Loan Summary, Access IT Certificate, EMI Schedule etc. by using  Mobile Banking App

•             Chat – To provide online assistance to our users within the app, we have provided Online Chat services through which users can communicate with our Customer Service Associate

Trouble Shoot Mobile Banking App

Can I use  Mobile Banking App app if my mobile number is not registered with bank?


No. Your number should be registered with the bank to use  Mobile Banking App app. You can register by visiting your nearest  Bank or an ATM.

I forgot to activate the application post download. Can I activate the app any time after download?


Yes. You can activate the  Mobile Banking App any time after download. Please note that the activation code is valid only for 15 minutes and a  one needs to be generated, post that.

I forgot to activate the application post getting Activation Code / OTP. Can I activate the app any time after receiving the Activation Code?


No. OTP / Activation Code is valid till 15 minutes only. If your OTP has expired, then you will have to initiate the application process again.

What is the User ID and Password in Login Option. Can I use my Internet Banking User ID and Password?


You can use your Internet Banking User ID and password to login to  Mobile Banking App application.

I have never used  Bank’s Net Banking. Can I still use Mobile Banking App?


Yes. If you have a valid Savings Bank Account with  Bank and you have registered your Mobile Number with us you may use Mobile Banking App.

I forgot my Internet Banking Password, how do I reset it?


You can click on Need Help? The link available on login page to change your password.

You may also change Internet banking password through Internet Banking channel.

Will I be able to access my current payees and billers registered through Internet Banking on  Mobile Banking App?


Yes, you can access your payees and billers through the  Mobile Banking App.

I forgot my Login PIN, how do I reset it?


You can click on Forgot MPIN? You will need to reactivate the app again and set a  MPIN.

How can I change my Login PIN?


You can change your Logon PIN by navigating to Change MPIN feature available under Services section from Dashboard screen.

I lost my handset on which application was activated, what should I do to avoid any misuse?


We request you to call our Customer Care to disable the application for your old device.

Is there any e-mail ID where I can raise my queries related to  Mobile Banking App?


Yes. You can write to us at for any feedback or query related to  Mobile Banking App app. Please provide a detailed description of your query to help us serve you better.

Security with Mobile Banking App

Is Mobile Banking App secure?


To ensure security of your account information and all your transactions, a number of security features have been built into Mobile Banking App:

•             Mobile Banking App can only be activated on your mobile number registered with the Bank.

•             Secure Login - Mobile Banking via Mobile Banking App app requires secure login for access. No one is able to access your account information without knowing your unique USER ID- Password or MPIN.

•             Data Encryption – Only limited information such as account numbers, and nicknames of your payees and billers are stored locally on your mobile device. All other account-related data resides at  Bank - just as with Internet Banking. All data placed into local storage on the mobile device is encrypted. This ensures that if the mobile device is lost or stolen, the data stored by the mobile application in local storage is unreadable.

•             No Identifiable Information – SMS texts or alerts from  Bank never include any personally identifiable information, such as your full account number, email address or mobile number. Your USER ID and Password will never be included in any of the text messages or alerts you receive from the Bank.

•             Grid Card Authentication- NRI customers using Mobile Banking App app will require Grid card authentication for completing financial transactions. For retail customers, transactions amounting to more than INR 100,000 will require grid authentication.



SMS Banking


You do not need a smart phone or a data plan activated on your mobile phone to avail our SMS Banking services. Our SMS Banking services allow you to pay bills, recharge prepaid services and avail banking services by sending a simple SMS. Know how to register.



With  Bank recharge service over SMS, you can recharge any prepaid phone, broadband and DTH account instantly. This service is available 24X7.


Postpaid Bill Pay

We have made paying your post-paid Telecom bill payments even more convenient. Now pay your postpaid bill through just an SMS.


Alerts & Request

Now you can access your account information any time 24X7 using our alerts and requests services. Our services include checking your balance, viewing last 5 transactions, viewing payment due date of credit card, and many more.



A complete list of Enquiry / Request Services on SMS Banking



Services SMS Banking


Prepaid Mobile Recharge

DTH Recharge

Retrieve MMID

Non-financial Transactions: Unbilled Call Facility

Dial the following phone numbers from your registered phone. The call will disconnect after first ring and you will receive an SMS containing the requisite information.


Balance Enquiry

Last 3 transactions

Non-financial Transactions: SMS to 9215676766


Balance Enquiry

Last 3 transactions

Cheque Status Enquiry

Stop Cheque Request

Cheque Book Request

View Presented Bills


Balance Enquiry

Reward Points

Last Payment

Payment Due Date

Generate One Time Password (OTP) for IVR/ Mobile banking transactions on your Cards


Holding Enquiry

Transaction Status

Bill Enquiry

ISIN Enquiry


Amortisation Schedule

Income Tax Certificate Provisional

Income Tax Certificate Final

Reschedulement Letter

Reset Letter

Loan Agreement Copy

Interest Certificate

Welcome Letter


Status of Service Request Raised

Locate ATM


Locate Bank@HomeDropBox

Link Aadhaar Card

Get One Time Password for Internet Banking transactions instantly - Enjoy Internet Banking on your mobile

Visit - the mobile banking site of  Bank and get started with all your banking needs

Bank on the go with the convenience of  Bank Internet Banking on your mobile phone!

Transfer funds, pay bills, recharge your prepaid mobile/DTH ,check out your credit card details or shop from your mobile - anytime, anywhere.


All you need is your Internet Banking User ID and Password and internet connection on your handset.


Simply steps using

•             Type on your mobile browser

•             Log on with your Internet Banking User ID and Password

•             Start your banking transactions

•             To shop using, go to your any e-commerce site, choose your products and pay using Net Banking

Safety and security with


•             Verified by Entrust

•             Encrypted communication of account details and secured using SSL

•             Authentication mechanisms applicable on Internet Banking are applicable on mobile browsers as wellTo know about security features, please click here.


 Bank Safe Banking tips


At  Bank, convenience and safety of your account is of utmost importance. In view of this, we introduced "Safe Banking tips" an application to enhance the security of your online account with additional authentication of One Time Password (OTP), which is sent to your registered mobile number / e-mail ID*.


In event of any unusual activity in your Internet Banking access pattern, 'Safe Banking tips' will generate One Time Password (OTP) that will be sent to your mobile number / e-mail ID* registered with us. Authenticating the OTP on Internet Banking 'One Time Password Authentication' page is mandatory to access your account online.


*OTP is sent on the registered mobile number to Resident Account holders and on e-mail ID to Non Resident Account holders.


•             Sends an SMS / e-mail incase of an unusual access pattern in your Internet Banking account.

•             Online account can be accessed only after additional authentication of OTP.


•             Do not share OTP with anyone, even if the person claims to be an  Bank official.

•             Do not close your browser. OTP sent to you is valid for the current session only.

•             Ensure Anti-virus, JAVA and Flash Player is installed on your computer.


One Time Password Authentication page:



Important terminologies:


Nomination is the facility available to an account holder to name an individual to receive the proceeds of the account after his/her demise.


What are the feature of norination?

•             An account can have only one individual as nominee.

•             It can be made in favour of a minor also.

•             Nomination can be made for all types of accounts - Savings, Current, Demat, Recurring and Fixed Deposit.

•             A nominee can be added by simply up a form and submitting it at any of our branches.

•             Addition/modification/deletion of nomination can be made as many times as desired.

Always ask for an acknowledgement after the submission of the nomination form.

In the event of demise of the account holder, the bank shall hand shall hand over the proceeds from his/her account to the nominee with minimal documentation.


Phishing is an attempt by fraudsters to "fish" for your personal and confidential information, like User ID, Password, etc. through e-mails. This information is then used to take money out of your bank account through a funds transfer.


DO's and DON'Ts

•             Always type the website address. Be wary of clicking on links; they could lead to false websites.

•             Do not transact or share confidential data on non-https websites.

•             Do not enter your confidential data in any window that may pop-up while you are carrying out a financial transaction online.

•             Do not open e-mails or attachments in e-mails sent from people you don't know.

Online Scams


Fraudsters send attractive offers through letters, e-mails, calls, SMS messages asking you to deposit money to participate in schemes that "sound too good to be true". Later, they withdraw the money and stop further communication.

Here is a list of the most common frauds:

•             Contests and lotteries that you had not registered for, asking you to make a payment for receiving your prize

•             Emails appearing to have been sent from large corporations, public institutions and regulatory bodies

•             Phone calls or SMSes offering jobs that you had not applied for; intimations of gifts or inheritances supposed to originate from a foreign country, asking you for personal information

•             High-yield investment plans and multi-level marketing schemes offering unealistic returns on investment; please checks the credentials of the person offering these

Credit Score

Credit Score represents your pattern of credit usage and loan repayment history. Credit Scores are maintained by Credit Bureaus.

Always remember to make your payments on time, clear all pending dues on your loan / credit card and maintan a good credit score.


You can make your ATM (Automated Teller Machine) operations safe, by observing some simple precautions:

•             Memorise your PIN. Do not keep your card and PIN together.

•             Do not share your PIN or card with anyone.

•             Stand close to the ATM while entering your PIN.

•             Do not take the help of strangers for using the card or handling cash.

•             Always press the 'Cancel' key before moving away from the ATM.

If your card gets stuck in the ATM, or if cash is not dispensed after you have keyed in a transaction, press the ‘Cancel’ key and call your bank immediately.











AntiVirus Software

Software that detects and removes computer viruses.





A program that allows a user to find, view, hear and interact with material on the World Wide Web. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of popular browsers.




A way to make data unreadable to everyone except the recipient of a message. Encryption is often used to make the transmission of credit card numbers secure for those who are shopping on the Internet.




A firewall is hardware or software that enforces security on your computer or system. It's like a locked door, preventing dangerous material from getting into the room.




Someone who tries to get access to a computer system without authorization.

The mechanical devices that make up a computer system, such as the central  processing unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well as other  equipment like printers and speakers.

Home Page

The first page on a website, which introduces the site.




ISP (Internet Service Provider)

A company that sells direct access to the internet, most often through dialing a local phone number.


IdentityTheft( ID Theft)

A criminal activity where a thief appropriates vital information such as your name, birth date, account number, or credit card number without your knowledge.





Keystroke logger

Hardware device or a software program that records each keystroke made on a particular computer. Marketed as a way for parents to monitor their children's activities on a computer, keystroke loggers are sometimes downloaded unwittingly by users. The keystroke logger then records the keystrokes and periodically uploads the information over the Internet. See also Spyware , Trojan horse.






A word, phrase, or image highlighted in a document to get someone from one place to another, typically on the Internet, but also within a document.





Operating System

The main program that runs on a computer. An operating system allows other software to run and prevents unauthorized users from accessing the system. Major operating systems include UNIX , Windows and Linux.






A software update meant to fix problems with a computer program. This can range from fixing bugs, to replacing graphics, to improving the usability or performance of a previous version.



The criminal process of electronically gathering and selling the personal and financial information for multiple users through the use of phishing. See also Phishing.



An online identity theft scam. Typically, criminals send emails that look like they're from legitimate sources, but are not. The fake messages generally include a link to phony, or spoofed, websites , where victims are asked to provide sensitive personal information. The information goes to criminals, rather than the legitimate business. See also Spoofing.


Pop-up ads (Pop-ups)

Unsolicited advertising that appears as a " pop-up" window on a computer screen. Sometimes these can be created to look like a financial institution's request for personal information.


Privacy Policy

The policy under which a company operating a website handles personal information collected about visitors to the site.






Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL technology encodes information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and your Bank's website, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential.


Service Pack

A software program that corrects known bugs or problems, or adds  features to a software program already installed on your computer.



A computer program that enables computer hardware to work.


Software Update

A software install that is performed to enhance or repair a previously installed computer program.



Unsolicited "junk" email sent to large numbers of people to promote products or service.



An online identity theft scam. Typically, criminals send emails that look like they're from legitimate sources, but are not (phishing'). The fake messages generally include a link to phony, or spoofed, webs